It should just work!


Hello, I’m Mitch, welcome to my blog. I thought I would blog about things, some times it’s just information others my opinion. Sometimes I get on a subject and can’t let it go until I type about it. Looking back at some of my posts I still haven’t let go, sometimes it’s because people make statements based on miss information others are just following the masses. I don’t know what it is but I’m compelled towards technology. Maybe I’ve watched too much Science Fiction lol.

My title of ‘It should just work’ stems from dealing with computers for a long time and putting up with all the crap and hoops I had to jump through to do things. Computers and programming have come a long way and we should be at the point where it should just work. Example: In the upcoming Windows 8 release they are going to have it where you can restore windows without losing your personal data. I say, how about making it work where you don’t need to have to do that in the first place!

I have a lot of other interests and one day may put some of it on my blog.


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