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iOS vs Android

Originally posted on 1-30-2011

I’m concerned for the average user.  Since I’ve been using both Android and iOS devices and watching how it’s all unfolding, a lot of people are going to lose out on hard-earned money by buy Android devices.

It all boils down to how long can you use your device and how functional is or will be.  I see Android as being in Beta and the users are the testers the only difference is I don’t see it coming out of beta any time soon.  Android is playing catch up to Apple’s iOS and the users are suffering for it if they know it or not.  Google has version 2.2 and 2.3 out and it still feels like beta.  Now they are coming out with version 3.0 that is for tablets and then maybe put it on the phones.  They needed to do this to catch up to iPads because manufacturers want to come out with tablets to sell, so it will be like version 1 instead of 3.  Just a couple of weeks ago, when Motorola showed their new tablet that is coming out, they couldn’t even demo the OS just videos showing what it will be like.  That sounds like beta to me!  This close to manufacturing a product and they couldn’t even show the actual OS running on it, that is not a good sign.  That’s like RIM and the playbook they thought they could have it out in short order but the release date keeps getting pushed back.  I have to at least acknowledge RIM for not just releasing the product before it’s ready unlike Google.

You’re at the mercy of the manufacturer of the device.  If you bought a galaxy tab, will it get updated to V3.0?  Maybe or maybe not.  V3.0 is for a dual core (mainly) processor that the tab doesn’t have.  If it gets the update how will it run, probably not very well.  The manufacturer doesn’t really care too much they would rather have you buy the next version of their product.  For the phones the service provider has to pay manufacturer’s for the update so that’s 2 companies standing in the way.  Google has no say in it.  They told them version 2.x wasn’t for tablets and they came out with it anyway.  Apple on the other hand doesn’t rely on the manufacturer, because they are the manufacturer and the service providers don’t have a say in it.  When they come out with an update they still are supporting over 2 year old equipment, your definitely not going to see that on Android.  Expect to be shelling out money every year for each device.  It will take a while for people to wake up, will that be too late?  By buying Android stuff your showing that you don’t care how you and your money is treated.

What about the market place?  How will you find an app specifically made for a tablet.  Do you know what a headache it is to have an app to run on all these different hardware and different Android version?  You don’t care you just want it to work on what you have well that just doesn’t happen all the time.  On Apple that isn’t the case.  Apps will run on a 3G or iPod or iPhone and even the iPad and it’s easy finding Apps specifically written to take advantage of the larger screen.

You keep hearing from people who Apple is a closed system blah blah blah.  Most of them are just repeating what they heard without thinking about it or even understanding what it means or means to them.  You can always jailbreak the phone if you really need to.  What is it that you want to do with a phone that Apple doesn’t allow?  Apple is concerned about the user and the user’s experience and having control allows them to give you that awesome experience.  With Android there is too many chefs in the kitchen and Google can’t do anything about it.

Google doesn’t pay attention to the details they even seem distracted.  You do know that Google doesn’t sell Android that they give it away?  As a matter of fact it costs them a lot of money.  What?  That’s right, Google is an ad company period.  Everything they do, they do to learn more about you and selling directed ads.  Everything they offer is to gain more information about you.  If you’re using something and didn’t pay for it, then YOU are the Product!!  Here’s a good blog about Google and Android .

Apple isn’t an ad company the two are very different and it shows in their products.  Even taking out all the tracking and information gathering that Google does of the equation, I’d still pick Apple for quality, experience and satisfaction.  Lets talk dollars since that is what it’s all about and look at it this way.  Apple wants you to have a great experience with their products so you will buy more of their products now and in the future.  Google wants to sell you, or as you know it, sell targeted ads at you, getting you to use their stuff is just a by-product.  Apple has a great eco system to give you more for your money and better experience; their stuff just works.  Android not even close and their eco system, that is just thrown together, and it’s just another piece of data to collect on you.

People are going to realize too late all the information that is collected on them and what it means.  I’ll leave you with this video link on how bad google is/can be, people like free stuff but at what cost:


New Droid Problem

Originally posted on 1-30-2011

My Droid thinks I’m on a phone call yet doesn’t display any call info.  I wasn’t on a phone call.  I ended a phone call 30 minutes before and when I put it down the call was ended and at the home screen.  I picked it up and unlocked it and ended up with this.  Did it use up my minutes?  The status bar doesn’t show that I am but considering the phone thinks I’m in a phone call to blank I can’t trust the status bar displaying correct information.

The main function of a phone is for making phone calls, this phone falls short.  Many times I haven’t been able to answer a call because I couldn’t unlock the screen to answer it, other times I couldn’t get back into a call because of the screen lock.  I had to pull the battery.

Google and Android are impressing me less and less every time.  Google is playing catchup and not paying attention to the details and making a working phone.  Although that shouldn’t surprise me as it’s been that way since version 1.  People are buying into it.  I guess they just keep pumping out stuff hoping that people will not notice or think maybe the next version will work right.

I feel violated and taken advantage of by both Google and Motorola.  It’s more Motorola’s fault then Google.  How is this phone suppose to last 2 years until you can get the less expensive upgrade?  Motorola doesn’t care they want you to buy their next phone and Google doesn’t care because they don’t make money off Android or the handset just as long as they keep getting data on you.

My take on Flash on iPad and Android

Originally posted on 1-23-2011

I keep reading about people bitching about Steve Jobs not allowing flash on iOS (iPad) like he is some mean dictator, mostly it’s from people who don’t have an iPad, well I have a few things say about that.  First your bitching at the wrong person/company!  You should be complaining to websites to change to non-flash and also Adobe for writing crappy software.  You complain about how they are not an open system, Flash is closed and proprietary, yet you conveniently forget that they are adopting the open HTML 5 format over the closed Flash.  I didn’t see people clamoring at Google because Android didn’t have flash at the time the iPad came out even now it’s still crap.

Apple has great visions and they are willing to stand up and take the hits for their decisions while innovating and moving the industry forward.  One of their main concerns is giving the user a great experience and making it easy for the average consumer to use it along with consistency.  How many of you miss the floppy disk?  Apple was the first one to remove it from their line of computers, big complaints when they did that, Flash will be the same way some day.

Apple gave Adobe a chance to write flash for the iPad and they could make the software run satisfactory, which isn’t surprising.  Do you want something that cuts the battery life almost in half just to view websites?

Flash was good in the early days of the web but now we have CSS and other open standards and soon HTML 5, Flash is hardly needed at all.  Flash is also design for the mouse, like mousing over something, you can’t do that on a touch screen.  So even if you have flash on your pad you still can’t deal with sites that makes use of mouse overs, so the site designers would have to redo their site anyway, so ditch flash then.

Shortly after Steve said the reasons behind not supporting flash, one of them being security, Adobe had 3 security holes in Flash and had to come out with patches.  Take a look at PDF reader, Adobe re-wrote that to use sand-boxing so it will be more secure, and they couldn’t even get that right, a hole has been already found.  I have no trust in their abilities.

As for flash being supported on Android tablets, I would be very leery.  I suspect that when there are a lot of these out there hackers will start looking at flash as a way to gain access to your information and given Adobe’s track record it probably wont be too hard.  Since Android is so open, a rouge program has access to everything.  There is even a program that will listen to your credit card number either by touch tone or even if you say your card number.

I for one don’t miss flash and I specially don’t miss those very annoying and stupid ads.  To me battery life is more important than seeing a site with flash.  If i run across a website with flash I just move on.  If it’s something I really need to see then I’ll find it some place else or use the laptop and after 9 months of using the iPad, I haven’t had to do that yet.  As for flash games, what’s the point, there are a lot of games for iOS and I don’t have to be connected to the internet to play it, saving even more power.

Apple sold over 14 Million iPads add to that all the iPhones and iPods that they have sold and probably sell over 40 million more this year, that’s a lot of users.  As a website owner you’re not going to ignore all those users and additional revenue, you’re going to think twice about using Flash.

Tell someone they can’t have something and that’s what they focus on, trust me your not going to miss it or very little and as time goes on Flash will become less important and less used.

Will our Great-Grandchildren see our pictures

Originally posted on 1-22-2011

I want to point out something you might not have thought about.  What’s going to happen to all your digital stuff after you leave this world?  As much as I love computers, electronics and saving paper I wonder about what will happen to all the stuff that I have created after I’m gone.

We know paper with information can be around for hundreds of years, electronic version can be gone in an instant.  What I’m thinking here is that you can go into an attic and find news paper clippings, pictures maybe a diary etc. that your grandparents left behind and see what it was like back then.  But what about now for us or our kids?  Everything is digital or going digital.  How will future generations of our kids be able to look at what we did, how we felt and what pictures we took?

Lets take a look at digital storage.  Remember the floppy disk?  Right now it’s hard to buy a computer with a floppy drive what about in 10 or 20 years?  If you had left behind floppy disks with pictures and a journal how are our grand kids going to look at them, they probably wont even know what it is when they see the floppy.  OK, what about CD or DVD disc?  That will go end up the same way as floppy.  You can see where this is going, no matter what medium you put it on it will, over a short period of time, become obsolete and probably no way to read it.  Plus you have to keep moving the stuff from the old medium onto new one.  Another question is how long will keep the data before it degrades beyond readability?

What about online storage?  Do you seriously believe that a online storage company is going to be around for any long period of time?  Maybe you’ve uploaded family pictures to MySpace and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be around too much longer.  Do you think Flickr will keep your pictures decades after your gone, if the company is still around?

What about the family tree that you have been working on,  is it in a proprietary format that only that program can read?  There is a very good chance that program will not be around decades after your gone.

Digital is great, we can take tons of pictures very cheaply and easily and no waiting to get it developed.  It can be quickly copied and sent or distributed quickly and easily.  But it has a big downside as well, if you don’t have several copies in different location you can loose it all, or a good chunk of it, in an instant.  Your hard drive could crash taking all the pictures you moved off your camera with it, gone forever.  You have pictures on your camera, on your cell phone, computer(s), Facebook, Flickr and where ever else.  What picture is where?  Since it’s so easy to take pictures and copy them and move them it’s easy to get lost or keep track off.  Maybe your selling an old computer and forgot that you had pictures you needed off there before you went and reformatted the hard drive.  Digital also saves a lot of paper, you don’t need use a single sheet of paper, which saves trees, to share a picture or even be in the same physical location with the person your sharing it with.  I rarely print anything anymore and try not to. For personal use I might have printing 4 pages in the last several years and at work maybe 20 pages in the last year.

All this digital information, where will it be in 50 years?  In silicon heaven.  Right now you might not care if anyone see your pictures, journals and what have you, but imagine what it would be like to read what your great-grandfather thought about something or what it was like during his life or a picture from that time period.  It’s more important to us when it is relative instead of a stranger and it provides a connection to the past.

Paper doesn’t require any special device to be read or looked at, other than your eyes.  You don’t have to worry if it can be read 50 years from now.

We have at our means to supply future generations of what it was like during our life-like never before.  Pictures, videos and blogs can be produced at ridiculously low price.  Our parents had to pay for film and then pay for processing and not being sure how the pictures turned out until they got them back.  They spent $3 or $4 dollars for the roll and get 12 or 24 pictures for another $9 printed (been a long time don’t remember the exact prices).  Now you can take hundreds of photos and see them right away, all for the price of batteries or recharging the battery.  Same goes for video, they used film and didn’t even have sound.  Now we have small devices, color and sound for the same low-cost.  Since cost and time is not an issue we generate many magnitudes more than our parents did.

How great would it be to hear from someone who actually worked on constructing the Pyramid, better yet a video of it being worked on?  It’s nice to speculate and think about how or why it was done, hearing and or seeing how it was actually done, priceless.   Someone might not take the time to write down their thoughts but it’s easy to pick up a device and do a quick vlog about something.

Create a scrap-book, print out your blogs and print those pictures for future generation to see, imagine, marvel and laugh at.  It will be around a lot longer than the electronic media will be.  Keep both.  If you have a Mac, it is really easy to have a book printed with your pictures.  It’s is hard bound and professionally produced.  Something our parents could never do

As for video, all I can say is transfer to the latest medium that comes out.  You might have to convert it to a different format as well.  One day they may come out with something that will be around for a long time.

Is Google Becoming Evil

Originally posted on 1-15-2011

I keep going around in circles with YouTube login.  If I want to subscribe and I go login I’m greeted with the linking YouTube to GMail account and I can’t subscribe unless I do this.  They claim it is for better security and reduces the chance of account theft, BULLSHIT!  This is so wrong.  So are they saying that YouTube isn’t very secure, I doubt that.  So with this hackers have 2 places to try to hack into your account and since they are linked if they get into your YouTube they now can get into your Gmail and visa versa, how is that better security.  It’s as smart as using the same username and password on every site, dumb dumb dumb!  It says that you will no longer be able to log into YouTube without a Google Account, yet when you go to create an account in YouTube it doesn’t look like your creating a Google account and doesn’t even mention it.

So what’s really going on here.  Google is wanting to log/track/watch everything you do, in other words learn, as much about you as possible.  This linking is to make sure your this same person in gmail.  Now they not only know who your contacts are and what type of emails you get they also know what you watch, who you subscribe to and who subscribes to you.

Chrome browser for example, when it came out a couple of years ago they bypassed Windows install so it didn’t require administrator rights.  And in their legalese it said that anything that you viewed they had rights to.  So if you viewed a confidential company document they had the rights to it.

Remember that a company, specially one publicly held, is not going to pour millions of dollars for something unless they can make money off it.  Back to Google.  They drove around taking pictures of everything and collecting any Wi-Fi data around them and collecting the specific wireless router id and tying that to a location.  They have their search engine and ties it to a particular user.  There is analytics that you use on your website.  They came out with Web browser.  Android operating system for mobile phones and soon tablets.  Email and now voice and voicemail and soon TV.

Do you not see what they are doing?  They are collecting tons of data on and about you!  They know what you search for and where you searched from, how long your on websites and what pages.  They know who your friends are and their phone numbers, email and physical address.  Phone calls to whom, when, and how long and any voicemails.  They know where you’re at and where you’ve been and how long you been there.  They know what you buy and what you watch on YouTube and what soon what you watch on TV.  Google is going to be everywhere collecting all the data they can on you and that’s their goal.

At this point I’m not going to say they are evil but they are gaining tremendous power and information and it could be easy for them to abuse it or sell it.  They entice you with free stuff and inserting themselves everywhere.  They can watch you easier than the government and they don’t need a court order.  Remember nothing is free if it costs someone to create and maintain it and services.

I might have went over the top a little but I’m trying to show you what’s possibly ahead.  Some of this stuff isn’t happening or linked yet but it’s only a matter of time.  I can see it now….Google car, Google phone, Google ma bell, Google computer, Google refrigerator.

Here is something funny from theOnion.  Google ads spoken into your ear on your Google phone while you’re having a conversation.

iPhone coming to Verizon

Originally posted on 1-11-2011

Verizon Wireless announced today that the iPhone 4 is coming to Verizon.  Finally!!!!!  This gave me a big smile today 🙂  Existing Verizon customers can pre-order on Feb. 3rd and new customers on the 10th.  Two things are different from AT&T’s phone, one is the antenna around the outside also moving the mute and volume buttons a little.  The other is that you can’t browse at the same time your on a phone call.  This is because of it being on CDMA instead of GSM for both.  One thing that AT&T doesn’t have is that the Verizon one can act as a MiFi, allowing up to 5 connections.  AT&T’s only allows tethering with one computer at an extra cost.  It hasn’t been said if there is extra cost.

Unlike AT&T, if you’re not grandfathered in, will offer true unlimited data as opposed to capped unlimited, someone should explain to the carriers what unlimited means.  This phone is CDMA only, no LTE and no GSM.

When the Droid came out, 1 year and few months ago, I bought one as my first smart phone and was impressed.  When there was the ad wars between iPhone and Droid I was on the Droid’s side and dismissed the iPhone.  What can I say, I hadn’t used an iPhone.  I still haven’t but I have used the iPad and the iPod touch 4G.  I like the HD 720p video quality of the touch and I want the phones great picture quality.  So, after I’ve spent over a year with the Android OS and the Droid phone and the last 8 months with the iPad and the last 2 months with the iPod touch I can say Apple has it right.  If you haven’t used one, don’t dismiss it out of hand like I did.  Not only does Apple have it right, it does it in style and finesse providing a much better experience.

Have you seen office space and what they did to the fax machine?  Well, that’s what I would like to do to my Motorola Droid phone.  I use to like Motorola phones.  It’s not only Motorola’s fault though, it’s also Google’s Android as well.

Apple put Cherokee Language on iPhone

Originally posted 1-5-2011

Tribal officials, of Cherokee Nation, contacted Apple a little over 3 years ago about getting Cherokee on the iPhone.  It seemed like a long shot because there are thousands of languages world-wide and many of them wanting to get on the iPhone.  Apple surprised the tribe by bringing it out in fall of 2010 (iOS 4.1), they are pretty excited.

Kids now days what cell phones and if they didn’t have Cherokee they would be using English.  Having Cherokee on the iPhone is a good way to keep the kids using the language and keeping it alive.

In 2001 Tribal officials started a language immersion school in which students would be taught multiple subjects in Cherokee and now has 105 students from kindergarten to 5th grade.  They work on Apple laptops loaded with Cherokee language.  Apple has supported the language since 2003 on Mac computers.

Cherokee is currently the only American Indian language supported.  Another indigenous language supported is Hawaiian.

I have to give Apple a big pat on the back for doing this!!!!!

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