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What’s with Skeuomorphic



For the last several months now I’ve seen post about skeuomorphic design, specifically in iOS products.  If you don’t happen to know what that is, take a look at the picture.  Boils down to where something looks or acts like something in the physical world usually something recognized by most people.  Like the picture, Even if you never seen the app before or even used an iPhone/iPad I bet you know what it is used for, taking notes.

Apparently a lot of people don’t like it, I should say geeks don’t like it or it’s being used to get peoples attention.  They are saying we don’t need it because people are use to computers now.  I say they are full of it.

People are visual.  Don’t believe me, when your looking for a file on your desktop or in documents folder, do you read every single file name?  No, your looking at the icons first, because if your looking for a spread sheet you don’t need to read the name of a text file or a pdf file.  There was once when all document files looked the same.  Then they changed to show you what program they belong to like adobe reader or MS Word.  Now they show you a small version of what the file looks like along with what program they are associated to.

Some are saying it gets in the way.  Like the notepad looks like there are sheets already torn off, visible on the iPad version.  It only takes up about 10 pixels.  Think your going to get another line of text with those 10 pixels, Nope.  Also it makes it looked like a more polished app with it.  Devil’s in the details.  

Another example are iBooks.  The books are put on a book shelf.  Someone did a mockup of what it would look like without that.  It looks like crap.  The difference is one looks like someone took the time to make it look good and the other didn’t care and didn’t want to take the time.

It’s kinda like things in the real world.  There use to be time when people took time to build and make things with care and details.  Now they just stamp it out in mass production.  Most of the time you don’t even notice the details, but you do notice when they are not there.  Like rounded corners looks much nicer then square ones.  It’s called craftsmanship by an artisan.

One last thing.  Have you seen the new Microsoft’s icons for Windows 8, like for Office or Visual Studio?  OMG, did their art department quite and they used 5th graders to make them.  Actually I’m probably insulting the 5th graders, they could do better.  They are flat, 1 color and no style.  They’ve went square, but I guess, they are kinda of a square company.

Visual studio 2010 logo, nice curves and gradient color with transparency and shadows :



Visual Studio 2012 logo, sharp corners, straight lines and one color:



I bet the next version isn’t going to look this bad.  Maybe they did this because they were afraid their surface tablet would be to to handle all the curves, shadows, gradients and transparencies without bring it to a crawl or the nice looking icons looked bad because of the low resolution.  That’s one icon that isn’t going on my work desktop.

That’s my 2 cents worth.


It’s been a while since I blogged and thought this would be a good time to make one, specially since I’m thinking about a lot of things. This one may not make sense to anyone, I’m still posting it anyway 🙂

Was going to title this Turmoil but decided that isn’t a good word to use. I am in a little turmoil but it’s more of uncertainty of where my life is going than that.

I know what I should be doing and know what needs to be done and that I have control over my actions and thoughts and no one else’s. My actions causes how things go and where it’s going, like steering a boat. There are also other factors involved as well, like a strong wind pushing against you.

Like people, you can’t control them. You can try to control them and you can influence them but it’s not the right way to handle it. There is something wrong with your thinking and dealing with the world if you try controlling people.

Uncertainty comes from fear or to make a decision or taking action or not knowing what you want. It’s can also come from not having a plan. Like being in a boat at sea, having the wind blow you which ever direction it will is nice once in a while but without a plan/picking a direct you’ll just drift around.

Fear is a big one. I generally don’t fear much of anything, I know I can handle/deal with what ever it is. Most of the time what you feared about turns out to really not be nearly as bad as we thought or no big deal at all (worrying is another form).

Fear of making a wrong decision is probably one of the bigger ones that holds us back. Just as long as it’s not a life or death situation then go for it. A lot of times it’s a one time deal when it’s gone, it’s gone, and usually you don’t get a second chance. Life is to be grabbed ahold of, it’s not a spectator sport, well it can be but do you really want to just watch or regret not doing something later on? Can’t decide what you want then go sit in a room alone with paper and pencil with NO music, TV, books, phones, people or any other distractions and sit there until you figure it out. Don’t be in a hurry it may take some time and you might have to do it several times, keep at it until you have the answer. If you don’t know what you want or don’t go after what you want then what’s the point. I believe your heart or gut feeling to be the truth of what you want because it doesn’t over think things and it boils everything down to what you really want. Once you make a decision and act on it, right or wrong, you will feel purpose and you’ll feel like a weight is lifted off of your shoulders. If it was the wrong choice, at least you went for it and learned from it, just make some changes.

There is a storm in the direction I’m heading. I could go around it or even head in a different direction but my choice is to stay my course and weather the storm.

Steve Jobs


I’m at a loss for words, actually that’s not true, I have too many words and thoughts flying around about the death of Steve Jobs on Wednesday Oct 5, 2011.  I was on my way to Taco Bell for dinner, and for some reason I decided to check how Apple stock did for the day with the iPhone Stocks App and there it was at the bottom in the news section.  I did some quick checking to see if it really was true as I was in shock.  What’s strange is that I have never have checked Apple stocks in the evening.  So I’m one of many, many people that found out about his passing on one of his devices.

I couldn’t do anything other than watch the news about his passing.  It was over an hour before I could even text some people that might not know about it.  It’s now the next night and I’ve been looking at all the videos, blogs, pictures and news where people are morning and crying, it is so moving and shows how much what he did effected so many lives.  I have my feet up and the MacBook Air on my lap writing this about my thoughts and feelings and to post it.

First and foremost, my condolences to Steve’s Family and friends.  To Steve, thank you very much for your vision and drive to bring us great products.

I had an Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P and my friend bought himself a PET.  We realized I bought the wrong computer and went out and got a Apple ][.  At the time it was a wonderful computer and somewhere I still have an Apple ][e.  That was the last time I had an Apple product until the Newton which I still have too.  Somewhere along the line I went to PC’s.  I knew that is what I needed to deal with since most businesses used PC’s.

Steve showed off the iPad and I fell in love in with it and had to have it and I ran out and bought it when it was available.  I spent all day playing with it until the battery ran out and being disappointed that I had to wait for it to charge before I could use it again. Obviously it was so wonderful to use and play with.  I then ended up getting a used white MacBook.  What I couldn’t believe is that I waited so long to switch back to Mac.

A little background for you.  Besides using a Windows PC at home, I’m the IT guy at work and I also write programs for them, deal with networks, databases, websites, mail, servers and help desk.  I’m also the person that gets called when a coworker, friend or family member has a problem with their Windows PC.  In other words I deal with Windows PC a LOT.  I’ve built them from scratch, troubleshoot and repaired them and I have configured thousands of them.

Then I sold my white MacBook laptop and bought the MacBook Air.  Oh what a dream it was.  Sleek, Elegant, Beautiful and quick.  I tell you it is so much nicer using a Mac then a Windows machine.  It works!  No more blue screen of death, long wait times for boot, having to reboot in the first place, a program locking up the whole computer, dealing with viruses, doing constant updates and just a slow machine.  I had a video DVD the other day and it wouldn’t play in 4 different Windows PC and that included being 2 different manufacturers with both Vista and Windows 7.  I popped the disc into the Mac and boom it started to play with no problems.  What I’m trying to say is that Mac just works.  I haven’t ever had a problem, if I did, I could just take it to the Apple Store and they know what they are doing.  So now when someone calls for tech support, except at work of course, and they tell me what the problem is, I always say get a Mac and you wouldn’t have that problem or you should have gotten a Mac and then I help them out.  They don’t get it and you probably don’t either unless you use a Mac.

I was about to literally smash my Android phone with a hammer, the only thing that saved it from that fate was a friend needed a Verizon phone.  Then Verizon came out with the iPhone.  It was so sweet not to have to reboot the phone every week or all of a sudden see my battery is almost dead when it was at 60% a little while ago and I wasn’t using it or it locking up and having to pull the battery.  Now you need virus protection on Android.  Does all this sound familiar?  It’s Windows PC all over again on an Android phone.

I’m telling this because it’s Steve’s vision of the future and relentlessness of wanting things done right.  Devil’s in the details.  I still don’t understand that saying, maybe because it’s hell working on the details, but I do know that it’s the details that makes a huge difference and so did Steve.

Steve, didn’t care about fame, being number one, collecting your data, being first or money.  Most CEO’s, hell even regular people, that have millions or billions of dollars and being sick or sickly, would have left the company long ago but not Steve. He saw the future in a way that benefit every one with products that everyone could use.  It’s about the people and how he could empower them to do things they couldn’t do before and do it with elegance, style and simplicity.  He pushed people hard to bring out the best in them and strive for the best.

I know that Steve has his vision for the next 5 years in place at Apple.  I fear that the computer and technology industry, after those 5 years, is going to mostly stall and move at a snails pace.  I say this because Microsoft, Android and others copy Apple and without Steve leading the way others will go off in wrong directions.  Steve was about the people and his vision.  The others, it’s about money and your personal data so they can make more money.

I also want to also thank all the hard working people at Apple that helped make his vision a reality!  Oh how I know about putting in those long hours to solve a problem or complete a project.  You make awesome products, make Steve proud.

Steve, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you for giving me time to enjoy your products and more of life and for showing me there still are people who are not money grubbers.


Why the hatred for Apple?

I see around the web all the debates apple vs xxx.  Debating is good but when it comes to Apple people starts getting emotional, i.e. angry, when that happens others don’t listen or don’t hear.  What I see is people jumping on the bandwagon or the mob mentality.  The biggest one, when dealing with iOS like iPhone or iPad, is Choice.  This one is big especially when people think their choices are being taken away, limited or made for them and they have the right to be.  What bothers me is they really don’t understand and I’m not talking just about Apple, I’m talking about their misconception about choices.  I’m for choices, we need choices.  But, first off, with too many choices makes the probability is that you will make the wrong choice and this has been proven in scientific studies.  The second one is a big one and that is you have choices taken away from you or made for you all the time.  What happened to the shampoo you bought all the time and you can’t get it, or a store that stopped stocking a brand you like.  Those were choices made by someone else and not you.  How about the car you just bought, did you have a choice to get a stick or automatic?  Why not?  A choice has been taken away from you.  I don’t hear the hordes complaining about that.

Lets take the iPad and Android tablets.  No SD slot for use as extra storage, another choice gone.  Here’s the problem with Android’s tablet and using SD slot for extra storage.  First and for most, you’re not extending your main storage area of the tablet, its external and has to be treated as another drive.  What does this mean, if a program isn’t designed to be located on external drive and keep its data there then it has to be kept in the internal storage.  If you ran out of space on the internal storage it doesn’t matter how big the SD card is it isn’t going to help.  Second, SD’s are way slower than the internal storage, like 5 to 10 times slower!  Here’s a kicker for you, lets say you stored a program on the SD and needed to use it for something else, guess what, all those programs and data is not available anymore to the tablet until you plug it back in and there is a possibility that you didn’t unmount, or tell the OS to eject it, you could end up with missing or corrupted data.  Think about those that aren’t technical, they don’t know to unmount the drive.  Also I wouldn’t trust my valuable data on a SD card.  I’ve seen too many of them crap out, one day working fine and the next, nothing, totally useless, then what?  Do you have your data backed up, what programs do you have to re-install that was on the card, how much time is it going to take you to put everything back?  Lets see the benefits of the iPad not having SD slot.  Everything is in one place so you don’t have to worry about not having data or programs because you removed a card.  The card going bad or getting corrupted because it was removed improperly and yes, I trust SSD way more than SD cards.  Program and data will run/accessed way faster.  I think Apple’s choice is a far better one.  Faster, easier and more reliable and Apple does give you choices of storage size.

Now if your still with me and didn’t get made and went on or hit the comment button, I’ll tell you more and let you calm down 😉  Apple’s iPad is all about the experience.  Example, I have a friend at work that is all Android and been using it for a while.  He tried the iPad and he was like wow.  It was  responsiveness and the smooth scrolling that got his attention and get this, it was a 1st Generation iPad a single core processor.  Apple doesn’t just through things to gather and sell it like most of the other companies.  They pay attention to details and if it doesn’t work right or add to the user positive experience it doesn’t get done.  Other companies are happy to toss together some hardware and put Android on it and maybe do a little tweaking and sell it to the suckers.  I had an Android phone for a while, and I wanted to smash the thing and still do but someone needed a phone and they saved it from that fate, for now.  It was frustrating to use, I’m very tolerant but this thing pushed me over the edge and that’s very hard to do.  Find a program you want only to find out it doesn’t run on your particular Android phone.  I’ve seen and used several Android tablets, they are heavy, fat , the displays look crappy or faded, don’t last very long, slow or sluggish and not very responsive.  This is were Apples attention to details pays off and making the experience  the number one concern.  So yes, Apple makes some choices for you but they don’t make them lightly and take it very seriously.  Other companies are making choices for you too but they are more concerned about their bottom line then your experience.

Here’s an example for you.  Apple doesn’t go out of their way to say it’s a dual core processor just that it’s faster than before or just fast, while other companies are it’s 1.2Ghz dual core or quad core.  Actually they need the speed just to make it half way decent in the responsiveness department.  Besides what good is the latest wiz bang hardware if it’s still not that responsive or apps keeps crashing.  Oh, I can run into the wall twice as fast as before.

Back to choices.  Here’s what Android and the manufactures have done, giving you ton of choices.  Which one do choose, it’s hard isn’t it?  How much time are you spending comparing specifications, wow all the internal turmoil that creates trying to compromise your choices, hey you wanted the choices.  Now you bought one, was it the right one, the best one or meet your needs?  Oh look 2 months later and someone else came out with one you like better.  Google just released the latest Android software with cool new features, damn it’s not available for my tablet/phone and it may never be.  You don’t have those problems with Apple, again it’s the experience.  When Apple releases the latest iOS it’s available right then and there for you, no waiting on a manufacture to maybe release the update.  And it will usually be available for older hardware.  Motorola Xoom doesn’t even have the SD card slot working yet, wtf?

Now you have trouble with your phone/tablet, it’s not working or something is going wrong with it, now what?  Take it back to the store and watch them scratch their heads?  Oh, you’ll have to send it back to the manufacturer, how long is that going to take, are you going to get a replacement now or have to wait?  How about if you just have a question about how to do something?  With Apple, just go to the store and a Genius will help you out, answer questions, fix it or replace it, Done and a pleasant experience to boot.

Off topic, Apple Stores.  It is a real pleasure shopping/browsing at an Apple store, like no other I’ve been too.  They don’t hassle you, they don’t even ask if they can help you unless you look like you are looking for someone to help you, or you go up and ask for it.  If you need help they are right there to answer any questions you have or help you in any way they can and no sales pressure to buy anything.  You can try out any Apple product and just be left alone.  iJustine even records video of her dancing in a store, try that in another store.  You want to buy something, stay right where you’re at and keep playing with the display until they bring it to you and ring you up right there, no standing in line (except launch day of a product).  Again, it’s the experience.  Have you ever been to a Radio Shack?  Ambushed before you finish walking through the door, OMG let me look around first before you do that at the very least.  I hate shopping there.

Not having choices isn’t what you should be getting mad about when it comes to Apple stuff.  It’s about having smart choices and the right choices available.  With the iPad, it’s how much storage do I need and if I need 3G or not, oh and what color the smart cover should be 🙂  Smart Covers is great.  Not having to figure out of the 20 different ones out there will fit my needs and trying to find who has the best price, or if it will be discontinued and not support soon or or or.  Not to include the hours and hours I would spending do the research about the specs and the opinions, time I could be spending enjoying the park with my dogs and not regretting my choice 2 months down the road.  I think you get the idea.

Oh, I’m not buying any Apple product because Apple makes the choices for me or Steve Jobs determines what Apps I can have.  Give me a break.  First off, they are not telling you what Apps you can and can’t install!  They deny apps on the app store because they didn’t follow the guide lines and rules or doesn’t do what it says it’s suppose to.  There are hundreds of thousand of Apps to choose from and it’s the attention to detail and being a stickler that makes the great experience you have using the product.  It’s consistency in the way they look and feel.  I know tapping the top bar of a list will take me to the top of the list.  What do you get when you don’t make rules for people to follow?  Take a look at Android apps and the market place.

Did you know Google didn’t create Android OS?  They bought the company that created it.  I also don’t trust Google’s motives, they are in the advertising business, they want all the information on you as possible.  They also don’t have focus, they are all over the place with what they are interested in.  They just came out with an app called PhotoVine and they killed it off in a couple of weeks, how many other projects have been killed off?  How about some focus Google, he who chases 2 rabbits catches none.  Do you think a company in the Ads business is conceded about your experience with their product or just sell you something so they can collect more data on you?  Sure Apple wants to make a profit and charges a good price for it but they are concerned about you and your experience with their product, they have focus, vision and attention to details.  Apple isn’t in the advertising business, so they don’t need to collect data on or about you, even if they did it would be to increase your experience not to sell you more stuff or sell/use the information.  I see Apple being way more honorable and moral than Google.

Go try an Apple product before you bash it or jump on the bandwagon.  I don’t know about you but it’s time to demand stuff that just works.  I’m tired of having to put up with half-baked ideas, software and hardware and giving them money to keep doing it.  You would put up with a car that just stalls because it was rushed to market or they just don’t care about the buyer?


Why in the world would anyone buy a Google Chrome netbook?  I could possibly think of 1 or 2 reasons but seriously.  A long time ago there use to be main frame computers and you had a dump terminal hooked up to it.  We moved away from that to PC’s and there is a reason for that, it’s better.  This Chromebook is just like a terminal and it’s even worse than a netbook.  You can’t do anything else with it except surf the web, yes you can run web apps, it’s not the same as running on your machine.

Here’s what I have a problem with.  Your spending $500, for something to surf the web with, you might as well get an iPad or Android tablet.  At least you can do a lot more with it, specially when you don’t have an internet connection.  Yes you can get it with 3G, then you’re not only paying for the netbook, your paying monthly to use it.  And since everything is online, everything you do counts towards your usage.

Which brings me to the cloud.  What are you going to do when it’s down or you can’t connect?  Nothing that’s what.  It doesn’t happen too often, want to bet your school report or work presentation, oh wait, you can’t do a presentation unless it’s web-based.  What happens when someone hacks into the cloud.  They will have access to all your stuff.  When more and more people start storing their stuff in the cloud it will be a big flashing sign come and get it, all you can eat.  It will be a huge, screaming, target for hackers, Foreign governments etc.  I’m not just talking about hacking into your account.  If they find a back way in they can have access to everyone’s account.  Look at Sony, millions of accounts compromised.  Plus it’s a one stop shop to get access to everything of and about you.  All your contacts, emails, letters, documents etc.

If all you want to do is surf the web and do web stuff only, then go ahead and get one.  I still would be better off getting something else like a netbook, notebook, Macbook Air or even a tablet (unless you do tons of typing).  Cloud computing is only good for a few things, everything else can be handled with a regular computer, hell, even a mobile phone will have enough computing power for most of your needs.

Thin clients are not the way to go, ever!  Do yourself a favor and don’t buy into the Google Chrome OS.  It will save you the time and trouble of returning it or selling it.



First off, I don’t have and never used the RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook. I’ve followed on twitter and different news sources, from what I have seen I would be embarrassed to release this product in this condition.

One person got home and went to turn it on and nada, it needed to be charged first. Then after that had to create login and it wanted to do an update. Total time to get to use it, 2 hours. OK, maybe it’s just me, but after spending $500+ on a new toy I don’t want to wait 2 hours to get to use it. When I bought the first iPad I only made it to the car before I opened it up. That be like, here’s the keys to your new electric car, oh by the way you need to charge it up before you can drive it.

One app developer had to pull her app because it wasn’t working right until she can fix it. It worked perfectly in the simulator but not on the real device.

One person had 2 updates within 24 hours at about 250MB each.

AT&T is blocking the update. Don’t know why but I think it’s because they are tethering with the blackberry and not paying extra for it, or at 250MB, don’t want all that extra traffic at one time.

It doesn’t come with Email, Contacts or Calendar apps. You have to use the bridge app tied to your blackberry phone. Also you will find it doesn’t have very many apps. Some are loving the Flash player although some sites thinks it’s an old version. With all the security holes in Flash, I wonder how RIM is going to keep the playbook secure? It will be a while before you can run Android software.

This person here is already finding it hard to find a reason to keep it. He can’t even get it to tether to the iPhone and it took him an hour just to type up the short message. Another one found it sluggish didn’t respond quickly to gestures. Twitter client works only over wifi and not bb bridge, so no tweeting on the go. The list goes on and on.

Saw this joke. What is the difference between the playbook and a flat tire….nothing.

One of the largest electronic stores in Toronto had 2 people waiting this morning for it. They were expecting lines, they even had catering and cupcakes. People that had pre-ordered wasn’t even there to pick it up first thing in the morning. Some are selling at other stores. One went to a Best Buy to take a look at the display one and couldn’t because it was being updated. People are already saying DOA.

Like I said, if I was RIM I would be embarrassed all to hell. It’s almost worst then a beta product. You can tell that by how quickly the updates are coming and lack of main apps. They would have been much better off waiting another 2 months and got their act together. You don’t want to keep working on a product to perfection before you take it to market because it will never get there, on the other hand, too early and you’ll fall flat on your face. I’d say they are heading for a big face plant and I bet their stock is going to drop in the next couple of days. Motorola Zoom came out too early too but not nearly as bad as the playbook. I really feel sorry for the programmers at RIM, they are probably working to death trying to get everything working correctly because some Manager/VP wanted it out now.

Blog comments and links

I welcome your opinions, ideas and comments on any of my blog entries.  I have noticed that a good number of comments have been marked as spam so your post might not be approved right away and I miss some of them because they are in the spam section.

I’m not going to allow links to advertisement that doesn’t pertain to the blog entry or isn’t legit.  I check out any websites or links in comments.  If it goes to a seedy/questionable site, bad page or advertisement I will remove the link.  Or if you are just making a comment just to put in a link and doesn’t contribute to the blog, the comment will be completely deleted.

I know what it’s like to take the time to type up a comment only for it to say it’s spam or not get posted, specially when you strong feelings about the subject.  So I try to make sure your comment gets seen, I just don’t check WordPress everyday.

Links can be valuable and can save time or prove a point.  There is also a bad side to them, they can take you to a site with viruses etc.  There is enough of that going around and why I’m checking and doing what I’m doing so the readers don’t have to worry about it.  Try and use full URLs instead of shorten ones so that people know where it’s pointing to.  This isn’t twitter and you have plenty of space.

Feel free to link to any of my blogs and Thank you for reading my blogs.

I just received an email supposedly from Facebook.  It said my password has been changed because my password is not safe.  When in fact opening the attachment would not safe, as this is a fake email.  That prompted me to blog about some things to watch out for and possibly avoid problems.  There are all sorts of tactics that they have trying to get information from you or login information.

No company is going to change your password for any reason and another, even bigger one, no one is going to ask you for your password, ever!  If they do, a HUGE red flag so be waving in front of your face.  Like the Facebook email.  Besides it saying they changed my password it also had CC some other variations on my email address.  Also the one that they sent it to, Facebook doesn’t even have.  Facebook has a lot of users and makes a good target for the scumbags.

Since we are talking about emails.  Don’t click on a link (URL) in an email, they can hide the real link.  In other words it can show you one thing but take you to another.  Always type in the URL into the browser.  Example.  Say you received an email from your bank.  It says there is a problem with your account and they provide a link to go to your account.  You click on it and it takes you to the website and you login.  Here’s what really happened.  It was a fake email and the link you clicked on takes you to a site that looks exactly like your bank’s website but is also fake.  Since you logged in they now have your user name and password that they can use on the real website.  If you should fall for this, close your browser and open up a new one and type in the URL, login and change your password immediately.  Other things to watch out for is all caps or improper sentences.  Here’s another one, there are pictures of you naked or at a party or something along those lines and provides a link.  Or an email from a friend that just has a link in it or just doesn’t sound like them.  There are several viruses out there that will try to spread itself when an infected machine is logged into, say yahoo mail and starts sending out email to your contacts making it look like it’s from you.  I’m not even going to get starting about attachments.  Tiny or short urls, like, are good for twitter since they are short but bad because you have no idea of where it’s taking you.

You go to a website and all of a sudden a window pops up saying you have a virus and to do a scan.  If you click yes or scan it will then actually give you a virus and it’s a pain to remove it.  You should know what your virus scanner messages looks like.  If it catches one it will take care of it and won’t ask you to scan your computer.

You go to watch a video on a website and just before it begins it tells you that you need a newer version of Flash player.  Do not click on the link to install it.  First off, you should keep up with the latest version of software specially flash since they have more security holes than a sieve. If you believe that you might not have the latest then open a new browser window and search for adobe flash player update website and do the update yourself.  If you have the latest flash player then get away from that website asap because they are trying to infect you.

As always.  You don’t get something for nothing.  If it’s sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Spring time, finally


It’s finally warm enough to sit outside in the morning and have my cup of coffee and use my iPad. This winter seem to last forever and wasn’t letting go. I’ve been dying to get outside and enjoy my my mornings outside when it’s not raining. Just in a the short time typing this it’s already time to refill my cup :-).

Of course I’ve done is in previous years but last year is when the iPad came out and allowed me to stay outside for most of the early morning before heading to work. Hardly even remember what it was like before the iPad came out last April. I have a vague recollection of being outside for a short time then going in to use my laptop. I know, I could have used my laptop outside but it’s too much of a hassle. I would have to unplug 3 cables and tote the 7 lbs beast, then when I’m done I would have to hook it back up. I like to kick my feet up and that laptop just isn’t fun using it on my lap. Think I’ll call it notebook from now one. Remember school days when you were carting that thick heavy notebook in school and the heavy backpack? I even have a backpack for it and almost weights in at 30 lbs with all the extra stuff, just like back in school. Now school kids get an iPad, saving a lot of backs. Kids these days have it too easy lol.

Although I do now have a MacBook Air that is light and do use it on my lap, even with my feet up, most of the time and no wires connected to it. I still prefer to use the iPad outside. It is much more enjoyable to use. I have several apps that I use to get the news and social sites that’s more of a pain to do on a laptop.

I’ve forgotten how uncomfortable these chairs are, need to get a pad for the chair lol.

Time to get another cup of coffee. Enjoy spring!

While doing a little surfing, I came across an article about “How Many Apps is Too Many Apps” here, on Gizmodo.  It is a good example of what I mean about too many choices is not good, even worse than just one or two, as I mention in a earlier post.  After you read it you might even be able to associate with what this person has gone through.

Don’t even think of saying, but we need choices. OK, but just a couple.  The main reason we need choices is more to make sure a company keeps innovating and keeping price low.


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