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Bye 2010 Hello 2011

Originally posted on 12-31-2010

Good bye 2010, hello 2011.  This will be an interesting year for slates (they really shouldn’t have been called tablets, those are the old bulky ones and slate sounds modern too), smart phones and TV appliances.

I can say one thing for sure, I’m glad to be back to Apple and I think I might have went a little overboard …. nah lol.  I love my iPad and my MacBook Air.  So which do I use more?  I would have to say iPad.  Even though the Air is light it’s still more enjoyable using the iPad.

Some of the things we have coming in 2011.  We’ll start off the new year with CES showing us what is coming or might be coming. App store for Mac, iPhone coming to Verizon (about time), iPad 2, iPhone 5 and who knows what else for Apple.

When iPhone comes to Verizon it will be interesting to see how Android phones really do when it’s on the same carrier, other than AT&T.  Both Apple and Verizon needs this.  One of the main reasons Android has been doing so well is it being on many different carriers, this is going to change.  You can see, on my regular blog, what I think of the Droid.

On the slate front.  We will probably have a slew more of Android tables and then there is RIMs playbook.  I think they are finding it is harder than they thought.  There was a report that it only lasted a couple of hours on a charge, then there was a statement that it didn’t have power management yet, even so they are not going to get 3x more even with aggressive power management.  I can see it now, your ready a page and 10 seconds later it goes dim to save power.  Or they will have to turn down the processing speed.  Looks like it will not be out till May and the iPad 2 will already be out.

I would like to be there when Balmer announces their new tablet.  I would yell like last years hp tablet you showed.  Microsoft is way behind and it’s going to be a year or 2 to catch up.  I believe they are even going to start to use ARM processors.

Android shows promise but even Google said it’s not ready for tablets yet, that’s coming.  It’s still not very polished.  I also like it how people keep saying that it’s got a SD card slot to expand memory (which is wrong) / storage space.  That’s not totally true.  You can’t expand the main storage area by adding a card, it treats it like another drive.  When you run out of storage space, your out.  You can move Some programs to card, to free up main storage, but if you remove it then you can’t run it.  You know how much slower SD cards are over SSD, magnitudes.  I also don’t trust SD cards, how many times you had one where it had errors and needed correcting, possibly loosing pictures etc.  I’ve also seen a lot of them stop working.  For me an SD slot would only be good for moving pictures from the camera over.  I think we should start demanding that camera makers start putting in wifi and/or bluetooth and do wireless transferring instead of a card.

Even if you hate Apple you have to thank them for pushing technology forward.  I wonder how long it would have been before we would have seen a slate if it wasn’t for the iPad?  Microsoft has been trying for 10 years.

Go out and enjoy New Years Eve, see you next year 🙂


Should you get an iPad

Originally posted on 12-19-2010

Whole heartily, YES.  I’m not your average computer user, I’m a geek and a power user, so I fall into the small percentage of the user population and I’m also an early adopter because I love technology.  That being said, after I purchased the iPad in April, when it came out, I found myself using my laptop about 90% less.  In the morning I would grab a cup of coffee and my iPad and sit outside reading news, Facebook, tweets and the odd videos or looking up some information on the web.  I have a laptop and I could have done the same thing with it except I would have to keep an eye on the battery levels and the screen gets very hard to read in bright sunlight and just lugging it around is a hassle.  If you want to show someone something on the web or an app there is no better way you just hand them the iPad.

There is something satisfying about interacting with objects on the screen through touching and if you’re like me, I dislike j-sticks and touch pads on laptops too slow or too much movement.  With touch you don’t need a scroll bar just put your finger on the page and move it up and down and if you want to move faster just flick.  If you’re the type of person that is easily distracted or sidetracked, apps are great because they help you focus more.  You will see reports/blogs about you can do everything on the web that you can do with an app.  Not true at all and they don’t really get it.  Try working on that Google document when you don’t have internet access or it’s down.  As for iPad not having flash, I don’t miss it one bit specially the annoying flash ads.  Right now, HTML 5 has great adoption rate.  Since the iPad is such a success it will only increase.

Who is it not for.  I would say that if your going to create things like movies (although there is iMovie for iPhone), websites, heavy image editing, computer programming and you don’t have a computer then I would skip getting one and get a laptop/desktop first.  If you have a computer already or don’t plan to do the aforementioned things then iPad is the way to go.

iPad is one of those things you don’t think you need until you use it for a while.  It’s more personal than a laptop is.  You can just grab it and plop down in comfortable chair and enjoy your time with it; with about 10 hours of available usage, you don’t have to worry about plugging it in.  If you have kids, they have great apps for teaching them and even 2 year olds get the hang of it in no time.  On the other hand, it means less time for you to use it….maybe buy a another one 😉

Motorola Droid, don’t buy it

Originally posted on 12-12-2010

I’ve had this phone for a little over a year.  The phone was great when I first got it, probably because it was the first major Android phone.  Android phones had been out a while and was worse than this one.  I have several problems with this phone, it’s mainly is a design problem of the phone and to some extent the OS.

First, I’ll cover the hardware issues.  The search and back/exit buttons are always getting in the way, you touch them when you don’t want to and gets very annoying.  I’ve also keep hit the volume buttons by accident as well.  The camera takes a long time to come up ready to take a picture and in auto mode the colors are off.  Which brings me to the next part, the processor isn’t fast enough, which makes it slow and at many times unresponsive.

Storage is another problem, there isn’t enough.  I have a 16GB micro SD card that has 14GB free space and yet I keep getting the message “Low Storage Space”.  I’ve moved all the apps, that would allow me, to the card and any time there is an update it gives me that error.  This is also a OS problem besides hardware.

The screen isn’t too bad as long as you use it inside, once your outside in the sunlight you have to cover it and it’s still hard to read.

Now the OS.  As before the storage issue.  It doesn’t see a storage card as an extended part of the main storage which can make it easy to run out of storage area and then your left with trying to manage your programs, files and message to clear up room.  Some of the other phones might give you more main storage area but you still could run out.  This is where I have to give iOS a super big thumbs up.  I don’t have to deal with this.  If you get a 32GB iPhone, iPod or iPad that is how much you get and for the whole system to use. Some will argue that you change it out because it’s not card or put in a bigger card.  It doesn’t make a difference on Android because it’s not going to increase the main storage area either.  On the droid, I have to take the battery out in order to get to it and when you pull it out any apps that you moved to the card will not be available when you turn it on without the card or insert a new card not to include if you want to put them on the new card you have to figure out which ones and how to get them on the new card.

There has been a few times I was doing something, while on the phone, that I had trouble getting back to phone mode to hang up.  In 2.2 there is a setting for allowing the power button to hang up the phone, which work great, no more waking up the phone and unlocking it to hang it up.  Well, the other day, while I was on hold, I wanted to see how long I was on hold but the screen went to sleep, so I pressed the power button and it hung up the call.  If I didn’t have the slide out keyboard I’m not sure how I would have woke up the phone to unlock it while on hold (at the other end).  Why would you lock a phone when your on a phone call, sure turn the backlight off but not lock the phone.  Seems like phone functions are secondary.

I would not recommend this phone to anybody.  Other question to ask is Motorola going to keep doing updates for this phone.  Took them a while to get the last update out and they have come out with several Android phones.  You can’t even get a new one from Verizon anymore, only refurbished and the phone is only a year old (not sure how long they have done this).  If you want an Android phone check out the others.  I can’t even point you in the right direction, too many manufacturers and models out.  Choose carefully because you will be using it for 2 years unless you want to pay a lot more before then.

Infinity Blade for Apple iOS

Originally posted on 12-9-2010

Infinity Blade is out for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch!  I’m pretty impressed with this game, to sum it up in a word…  You might have seen Epic Citadel which gave you an idea of the Unreal graphics engine can do and this one takes it to sword battles. This is an RPG game and not FPS, I wonder if it will stay that way if/when it goes multiplayer?

I’ve have only played it for a short time on my iPad but I can see already that it will take some time to master some of the moves.  I did really well with the regular enemies but didn’t fair well against the God Killer although he is level 50 as I was under level 15.  The controls are great and your sword deals cuts in the direction you swipe.  I’ve played a lot of FPS games and the keyboard was my main choice of control but what you can do in this game there is no way you could do it with a mouse, keyboard or both.  I suppose it could be done with a magic trackpad but I don’t think I would want to.

Take a sample video, I think the graphics looks better on the iPad then the HD video of this

So head over to iTunes and get Infinity Blade

Music on Apple iOS

Originally posted on 12-8-2010

iPhones and iPads are getting used to create music.  This is just a small sample of what you can find on YouTube.  Doesn’t it just make you want to download an app and play music 🙂  I really need to learn to play an instrument.  Take a look at what some other people can do.

This band had their instruments stolen, so they used their iPhones on the subway.

A group doing a Taylor Swift song.

Applegirl doing Lady Gaga song.  She does some explaining so give it a minute.

Lang Lang do flight of the bumble bee and having fun.

Using the iPad, iPad band.

How about using your iPad, or 2, to DJ with.

Update 3-5-2011
Garageband is coming out for iPad 2 and you should see what you can do with it 🙂

iPod touch and iPhone 4 video

Originally posted on 12-8-2010

Shooting video on the iPhone or iPod touch 4G.  It has 720p video capturing ability.  I’ve been surprised on the video quality and clarity even.  I’ve taken a few short videos and plan to do a movie trailer at some point.  I just need to learn not to shake the camera so much so it doesn’t end up looking like Blair Witch lol.

Here are some more YouTube videos that use iPhone to record video.  I’ll start off with one that also has the iPad in it.

Solace video


Here’s a good one called “Apple of my eye” with behind the scenes.  All editing was done on the iPhone as well.  This one went viral.


Garosougil by Wonsuk Chin & Yang (behind the scenes during credits)


Music video shot and edited on a iPhone

Prologue for my Apple blog

Originally posted on 12-6-2011

A long time ago I use to use an Apple computer, it was actually my second computer, the first one was a Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P.  Then I dumped that for an Apple ][.  Then a Atari ST and then finally to an IBM PC.  Now I’m back to Apple, I still use a PC too.  I fought the force but the force one lol.  I think I still have an Apple ][e some where.  I also have a couple of Newtons.

I love technology because a long time ago I envisioned what you could do with it.  Of course, with current technology, it brings with it more possibilities.  Technology is moving at a good clip but it’s still not moving fast enough or where I want it to be.

One thing that has changed is that I’m not so tolerant to stupid programs, operating systems or designs.  I’m also tired of trying to work around short comings of a device.  They should just work.  Think if your car had Microsoft OS on the computer, excuse me while I reboot my car or driving along and get a fatal error and just stalls.  So why are we accepting that kind of crap from our computers, OS, Phones etc.  Adding computers or processors to all this stuff should be allowing us to do more and make it easier to use.  If something isn’t right the computer should figure out what is going on and what to do about it and fix it.  Only bother us if only need be.  I could go on about this.  I currently have an Droid phone and want to smash it; no that’s too good for it, more like burn it and watch it melt.

When the iPad came out I bought one and I love it.  Because of that I have gone back to Apple.  I rarely use my PC laptop anymore.  Its nice sitting outside, having my coffee with my iPad, reading the latest news or seeing what my friends are doing on Facebook.  How many of you really move your laptop.  I’ve taken mine outside a time or 2, it’s a hassle and then you run out of battery power grrrr.  Not a problem with the iPad.

Anyway, this blog is my way of sharing about how I see things about and with Apple.


American jobs and outsourcing

Originally posted on 12-05-2010

The United States is on a downward spiral. How would you like it if the only jobs available to your kids, or you for that matter, are services.  Like waiting tables, cashier, gas station attendant, helping customers at the department store or cleaning that only pay minimum wage or close to it?  That’s where we are headed.  And in actuality, people making minimum wage is making less than people 40 years ago earning minimum wage if you convert it to current dollars.  Who’s fault is it?  It’s yours, mine and most americans!

A long time ago, when I saw what was happening with companies, moving manufacturing outside of the U.S. I said that we are going to end up a nation of service.  At that time it seemed bad but not too bad.  Now I’m seeing services getting outsourced outside of the U.S.  I guess we will end up being farmers again or servicing that can’t be outsourced.

How is it our fault?  Because of what we buy and where we buy it.  It’s in not holding companies accountable or working for a company that manufactures and or outsources outside the States.  It’s also companies fault for not thinking about and taking responsibility to the community and to America.

I would venture to say that most people don’t even think about it unless they are looking for a job and their career field market is shrinking or gone in which case it’s a wakeup call.  We are busy with our lives and don’t take the time to think deeply about anything and we have a lot of distractions so that we don’t have to think.  Lets follow the money.

You need to buy something so you head to store and buy it there.  They employ local people, that’s good, some of the money will end up back in the community.  Other than that, there are 2 things wrong here, one which you don’t see and I’ll get back to that.  First the product was probably made in China.  That means the money is going over to China where they will spend the money there, not here.  It also means that jobs that Americans could have been doing is over there as well.  You might have thought that far but it goes deeper than that.

Lets say its a company that is just starting.  They need to build a plant.  You need architects, carpenters, electricians and a whole slew of people (lots of jobs and work) to get this built.  This is just the tip of it.  They might need roads built, hire or buy trucks for shipping.  They need to fill it with machines, computers, telephones, chairs etc.  They need electricity and telephone service.  You need housing for all the workers and all the requirements they need like utilities, groceries.  Think a whole town or community.  In other words you can keep going down this path, like schools, theaters, police and fire. They have to buy the raw materials which would be from America which means more jobs….I think you know where I’m heading with this one.  All this is happing in some other country because it’s being made there and not here.

Here’s an idea, make the products here and sell it overseas and have their money come back here instead of our money going over there.  Even better yet, we make stuff for their companies so we get their money and jobs 😀

I understand the need for a company to make profit and I agree.  If it’s a big enough company they have great power and with that should be great responsibility.  Responsibility, not only to the share holders but also to their employees and community.  I consider America to be just one big community.  Companies are always chasing the higher and more profit, there is a point where it’s too much.  This is also our fault, we let them.  We buy their stock and wanting to become rich and let them move manufacturing to other countries.  So you could be double supporting a companies that doesn’t make a product (s) here.

If you bought the product at Walmart there is one part you don’t see or hear about.  They are causing companies to make cheaper products.  A long time ago, when Sam ran the company before his kids took over, Walmart was proud to advertise that they buy American made products over a foreign made products.  Sam understood what I’ve been talking about, then his kids took over and it seems that all they are after is money and power.  Now they have so much clout they dictate to companies what they will pay for something.  I worked for a company that sold products to them.  Even after an agreement was made on the price of a product and delivered.  They would turn around and send the company a check that was less then the total amount of the invoice and would say, this is what we determined we are going to pay you instead of what we said we would pay take it or leave it.  You’re thinking then why is the company still doing business with Walmart.  Because they buy such large quantities and salesman just see the big commission checks.  This forces a company to find ways to cut costs and probably even quality.  Don’t forget the smaller companies that were put out of business because Walmart moved into an area.  You can do research and see some of what they do or cause.

If moving manufacturing outside the U.S. wasn’t bad enough now they are outsourcing other jobs, service type jobs.  This is not only causing less jobs, it costing the people that do these jobs to accept less pay.  Example, Lets say you’ve spent 4 years and thousands of dollars on getting a website designs degree.  You’ve been working with a company for a while and they see that they could have a company in India design and build a website for way less then they are paying you.  Now your out of  a job and because of India offering such cheap service it’s put a lot of designers out of work.  Your once thriving and highly sought after, not hard to find a job, career has become low demand.  Now you have to take a job that pays less then what it should.  You could go on your own but your competing with the really low wages in other countries.  Or do you go back to school for something else or take that job at McDonald.  Again, money that would have stayed in America is now being sent overseas.  And that degree you spent all that time and money on is now putting you into we can’t afford you because you have a degree and will want to much when we can hire or outsource for a lot less.  Wait, that means people wont need degrees, or not nearly as many, so more job lost (educators).

What job is next to get outsourced or moved overseas, could it be yours?  What about your kids, what do you tell them, what type of jobs can they get?  How about Doctor, well I could think of way it could get outsourced.  Instead of a doctor you have a nurse be the hands for a doctor that is in some other country and your video conferencing talking to the patient and asking the nurse to do this or that.  How about a Pilot, planes could be flown by remote control, Air Force is doing that now with drones and they are thousands of miles away.  What does that leave us with.  Fire, police, restaurants, stores, cleaning, government and farms.

I like getting things as cheap as possible as much as the next person and in these times you try to make your money go as far as possible.  Getting things dirt cheap comes at a cost which you might not see until you loose your job and can’t find one.  You can get the cost of products down to free, but it’s not going to do you any good if you don’t have a job to pay the electricity to power it or pay for a place to keep it or to even buy food so that you can survive long enough to actually use it.

What you buy and do not only effects you it effects everyone around you and even those that aren’t, directly or indirectly.  You don’t live on an island by yourself.  You do the math.  Less jobs and population of America is going up.  Now your going to have to make more money to pay more taxes that will support the Americans that can’t find jobs to feed themselves and their families.  Oh wait, how are you going to make more money if there are only minimum wage jobs available other than the few manager positions.

I might have over simplified and skipped over a few things but it’s to make it simple and get you thinking and maybe realize what is happening.  It’s hard to see because it’s over a long time period and there are many variables.

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