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iPad 2 Grrrrr

I’ve been trying now for over a week to obtain the new iPad 2 without success.  I need the AT&T version and it seems to be hard to get even more than the Wi-Fi only version.  I live in Chicagoland and there are many people that wants the iPad.  I was at an Apple store, in the suburbs, at 7Am on Saturday morning and there was already about 60 people in front of me.  Then about 7:30 an employee came out and said they only had 15 units, none of them AT&T.

I read someone’s post that they are upset because the store refused to sell them more iPads and was warned ahead of time that he reached his limit.  He wouldn’t say how many he has bought already but I suspect at least 4.  I’m trying to buy my first one and he’s upset that he can’t buy more when he has several already.  Anyway, it’s people like him and ones that are buying to sell overseas that piss me off making less available for everyone else to buy.  I also wonder how many first time tablet and Apple owners are put off because they are unable to buy one and end up getting some other product.

I was enthusiastic about the iPad 2, now after several failed attempts to obtain one I’m a little frustrated and disappointed.  This is not a good sign and wonder how many others feel that way.  I probably would still be enthusiastic about if I didn’t already own an original iPad.  I didn’t order mine online because my Birthday was a few days after the launch date and it wouldn’t arrive until after that.  So I thought I could get inline on Friday to get one and have it in time.  My mistake.  Trips and calls to all other stores that was selling them were sold out, and still continues to this day.  Best Buy changed their auto attendant message to say they are sold out, mostly because they have taken so many orders that they can’t even fill those.

I’m usually fairly patient but when it comes to this, I have a weakness for it and makes it frustrating.  If you don’t have the fever, then you don’t understand.

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