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Motorola Droid, don’t buy it

Originally posted on 12-12-2010

I’ve had this phone for a little over a year.  The phone was great when I first got it, probably because it was the first major Android phone.  Android phones had been out a while and was worse than this one.  I have several problems with this phone, it’s mainly is a design problem of the phone and to some extent the OS.

First, I’ll cover the hardware issues.  The search and back/exit buttons are always getting in the way, you touch them when you don’t want to and gets very annoying.  I’ve also keep hit the volume buttons by accident as well.  The camera takes a long time to come up ready to take a picture and in auto mode the colors are off.  Which brings me to the next part, the processor isn’t fast enough, which makes it slow and at many times unresponsive.

Storage is another problem, there isn’t enough.  I have a 16GB micro SD card that has 14GB free space and yet I keep getting the message “Low Storage Space”.  I’ve moved all the apps, that would allow me, to the card and any time there is an update it gives me that error.  This is also a OS problem besides hardware.

The screen isn’t too bad as long as you use it inside, once your outside in the sunlight you have to cover it and it’s still hard to read.

Now the OS.  As before the storage issue.  It doesn’t see a storage card as an extended part of the main storage which can make it easy to run out of storage area and then your left with trying to manage your programs, files and message to clear up room.  Some of the other phones might give you more main storage area but you still could run out.  This is where I have to give iOS a super big thumbs up.  I don’t have to deal with this.  If you get a 32GB iPhone, iPod or iPad that is how much you get and for the whole system to use. Some will argue that you change it out because it’s not card or put in a bigger card.  It doesn’t make a difference on Android because it’s not going to increase the main storage area either.  On the droid, I have to take the battery out in order to get to it and when you pull it out any apps that you moved to the card will not be available when you turn it on without the card or insert a new card not to include if you want to put them on the new card you have to figure out which ones and how to get them on the new card.

There has been a few times I was doing something, while on the phone, that I had trouble getting back to phone mode to hang up.  In 2.2 there is a setting for allowing the power button to hang up the phone, which work great, no more waking up the phone and unlocking it to hang it up.  Well, the other day, while I was on hold, I wanted to see how long I was on hold but the screen went to sleep, so I pressed the power button and it hung up the call.  If I didn’t have the slide out keyboard I’m not sure how I would have woke up the phone to unlock it while on hold (at the other end).  Why would you lock a phone when your on a phone call, sure turn the backlight off but not lock the phone.  Seems like phone functions are secondary.

I would not recommend this phone to anybody.  Other question to ask is Motorola going to keep doing updates for this phone.  Took them a while to get the last update out and they have come out with several Android phones.  You can’t even get a new one from Verizon anymore, only refurbished and the phone is only a year old (not sure how long they have done this).  If you want an Android phone check out the others.  I can’t even point you in the right direction, too many manufacturers and models out.  Choose carefully because you will be using it for 2 years unless you want to pay a lot more before then.

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