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Prologue for my Apple blog

Originally posted on 12-6-2011

A long time ago I use to use an Apple computer, it was actually my second computer, the first one was a Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P.  Then I dumped that for an Apple ][.  Then a Atari ST and then finally to an IBM PC.  Now I’m back to Apple, I still use a PC too.  I fought the force but the force one lol.  I think I still have an Apple ][e some where.  I also have a couple of Newtons.

I love technology because a long time ago I envisioned what you could do with it.  Of course, with current technology, it brings with it more possibilities.  Technology is moving at a good clip but it’s still not moving fast enough or where I want it to be.

One thing that has changed is that I’m not so tolerant to stupid programs, operating systems or designs.  I’m also tired of trying to work around short comings of a device.  They should just work.  Think if your car had Microsoft OS on the computer, excuse me while I reboot my car or driving along and get a fatal error and just stalls.  So why are we accepting that kind of crap from our computers, OS, Phones etc.  Adding computers or processors to all this stuff should be allowing us to do more and make it easier to use.  If something isn’t right the computer should figure out what is going on and what to do about it and fix it.  Only bother us if only need be.  I could go on about this.  I currently have an Droid phone and want to smash it; no that’s too good for it, more like burn it and watch it melt.

When the iPad came out I bought one and I love it.  Because of that I have gone back to Apple.  I rarely use my PC laptop anymore.  Its nice sitting outside, having my coffee with my iPad, reading the latest news or seeing what my friends are doing on Facebook.  How many of you really move your laptop.  I’ve taken mine outside a time or 2, it’s a hassle and then you run out of battery power grrrr.  Not a problem with the iPad.

Anyway, this blog is my way of sharing about how I see things about and with Apple.


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