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Google Chromebook, are you kidding me?

Why in the world would anyone buy a Google Chrome netbook?  I could possibly think of 1 or 2 reasons but seriously.  A long time ago there use to be main frame computers and you had a dump terminal hooked up to it.  We moved away from that to PC’s and there is a reason for that, it’s better.  This Chromebook is just like a terminal and it’s even worse than a netbook.  You can’t do anything else with it except surf the web, yes you can run web apps, it’s not the same as running on your machine.

Here’s what I have a problem with.  Your spending $500, for something to surf the web with, you might as well get an iPad or Android tablet.  At least you can do a lot more with it, specially when you don’t have an internet connection.  Yes you can get it with 3G, then you’re not only paying for the netbook, your paying monthly to use it.  And since everything is online, everything you do counts towards your usage.

Which brings me to the cloud.  What are you going to do when it’s down or you can’t connect?  Nothing that’s what.  It doesn’t happen too often, want to bet your school report or work presentation, oh wait, you can’t do a presentation unless it’s web-based.  What happens when someone hacks into the cloud.  They will have access to all your stuff.  When more and more people start storing their stuff in the cloud it will be a big flashing sign come and get it, all you can eat.  It will be a huge, screaming, target for hackers, Foreign governments etc.  I’m not just talking about hacking into your account.  If they find a back way in they can have access to everyone’s account.  Look at Sony, millions of accounts compromised.  Plus it’s a one stop shop to get access to everything of and about you.  All your contacts, emails, letters, documents etc.

If all you want to do is surf the web and do web stuff only, then go ahead and get one.  I still would be better off getting something else like a netbook, notebook, Macbook Air or even a tablet (unless you do tons of typing).  Cloud computing is only good for a few things, everything else can be handled with a regular computer, hell, even a mobile phone will have enough computing power for most of your needs.

Thin clients are not the way to go, ever!  Do yourself a favor and don’t buy into the Google Chrome OS.  It will save you the time and trouble of returning it or selling it.



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