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What’s with Skeuomorphic



For the last several months now I’ve seen post about skeuomorphic design, specifically in iOS products.  If you don’t happen to know what that is, take a look at the picture.  Boils down to where something looks or acts like something in the physical world usually something recognized by most people.  Like the picture, Even if you never seen the app before or even used an iPhone/iPad I bet you know what it is used for, taking notes.

Apparently a lot of people don’t like it, I should say geeks don’t like it or it’s being used to get peoples attention.  They are saying we don’t need it because people are use to computers now.  I say they are full of it.

People are visual.  Don’t believe me, when your looking for a file on your desktop or in documents folder, do you read every single file name?  No, your looking at the icons first, because if your looking for a spread sheet you don’t need to read the name of a text file or a pdf file.  There was once when all document files looked the same.  Then they changed to show you what program they belong to like adobe reader or MS Word.  Now they show you a small version of what the file looks like along with what program they are associated to.

Some are saying it gets in the way.  Like the notepad looks like there are sheets already torn off, visible on the iPad version.  It only takes up about 10 pixels.  Think your going to get another line of text with those 10 pixels, Nope.  Also it makes it looked like a more polished app with it.  Devil’s in the details.  

Another example are iBooks.  The books are put on a book shelf.  Someone did a mockup of what it would look like without that.  It looks like crap.  The difference is one looks like someone took the time to make it look good and the other didn’t care and didn’t want to take the time.

It’s kinda like things in the real world.  There use to be time when people took time to build and make things with care and details.  Now they just stamp it out in mass production.  Most of the time you don’t even notice the details, but you do notice when they are not there.  Like rounded corners looks much nicer then square ones.  It’s called craftsmanship by an artisan.

One last thing.  Have you seen the new Microsoft’s icons for Windows 8, like for Office or Visual Studio?  OMG, did their art department quite and they used 5th graders to make them.  Actually I’m probably insulting the 5th graders, they could do better.  They are flat, 1 color and no style.  They’ve went square, but I guess, they are kinda of a square company.

Visual studio 2010 logo, nice curves and gradient color with transparency and shadows :



Visual Studio 2012 logo, sharp corners, straight lines and one color:



I bet the next version isn’t going to look this bad.  Maybe they did this because they were afraid their surface tablet would be to to handle all the curves, shadows, gradients and transparencies without bring it to a crawl or the nice looking icons looked bad because of the low resolution.  That’s one icon that isn’t going on my work desktop.

That’s my 2 cents worth.


Truth about choices, open and Dell

It has been scientifically proven that too many choices are worse than not having enough.  There is a TED talk about it if you want to know more.  Choices are good to keep companies on their toes to innovate and keep prices down.

Dell your opinions are full of crap.  iPad will not make it in the Enterprise space because it’s not open, doesn’t give you choices and is expensive.  That’s generally what they have said, lets look at this.  Expensive, the iPad is cost less than most tablets.  Choices, there are many choices for amount of memory, wi-fi only or 3G and 2 different 3G carriers.  Open, most Enterprises use Microsoft and that’s not open.  I’m not sure if the iPad will make it in the Enterprise space but they are currently doing pretty good.  Now lets translate this.  Dell is upset because they can’t make and sell iPads, it’s not open to them to make it so customers can’t choose Dell iPads.  They were trying to say how expensive it was, something like $1600, WTF.  I could buy almost 3 iPads for that price, I wonder if they do their accounting the same way.

Dell also mention they will be coming out with another Android tablet (see the Dell Streak, didn’t do so well) and a windows 7 tablet.  Oh, yes please, give me a windows tablet where I have to spend another $200+ to add office, oh and don’t forget to install anti-virus program and make sure you keep up with your adobe reader and flash updates because of all the security issues.  Lets bring an OS to tablet that has tens of thousands of viruses and spyware and malware out there for it.  And after a while where I have to spend hours reinstalling the OS because of it slowing to a crawl and other crap.  Windows 7 wasn’t even designed for tablets.

Microsoft has made tablets for about 10 years and it hasn’t caught on.  Apple comes along with one and sells more iPads in the first 9 months then 10 years of all tablets combined.

Open.  Enough with this open crap.  MS Windows isn’t open, Windows phone 7 isn’t open, black berry isn’t open.  Android really isn’t truly open, might be open for the carriers but that’s about it.  So why is it that the only company they complain about not being open is Apple?  Because they don’t have a product that can compete decently and they use it to create fear in people.  Oh, it’s not open, you can’t do what you want with it, better not buy it.  They use the fear and the mob mentality to sway people away.  If you don’t have a product that can stand on its own then all you can do is attack the competitor.

Android Honeycomb is not open and might not be, also Google now wants to keep it from fragmenting and is saying that any changes that a company or carrier makes needs to get approval.  Something that Apple doesn’t have to worry or deal with.  I like writing programs and then spending my time making adjustments to it to make it work on all the different phones and tablets instead of adding features or writing other programs.  I’ve had first hand experience of this fragmenting, it sucks and is a pain in the ass!  Something is not a joy to use if you want to smash it most of the time.  Open is not all that it’s cracked up to be.  How come open office hasn’t won over MS office?

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