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Consumer Reports Agrees with me about iPad 2

In Consumer Reports, it picks iPad 2 above all other tablets.  The only other tablet that came close was the Xoom and it tied for second with the first generation iPad and personally I wouldn’t have given Xoom second place as Honeycomb is still buggy causing crashes and feels more like a beta equipment.  Even Google said it rushed Honeycomb.  They also reported that the iPad 2 lasted 12.2 hours playing a looped video.  Does anyone know how long the Xoom lasted, as I don’t have a subscription to the consumer reports?

It all comes down to the experience and the iPad is just wonderful to use and yes I would call it magical.  Magical, not in you don’t know how it works but in the way you feel when using it.  You can read the CNN report here or here for 9 to 5 Mac.


Apple iPad summed up

I was thinking about the iPad the other day about how it has effected my life, trying to put my finger on what it was.  It couldn’t be only the touching, although it’s a huge part, there had to be something more.  Then Apple released its new commercial “We Believe” and it struck a chord with me.  It’s a direct and elegant way to put it.  Gotta love those Apple commercials 🙂

It’s hard for me to put down in words what’s it like, it’s something that really needs to be experienced.  It has effected and changed so many lives.  From children to the 100-year-old woman with impaired vision and everyone in between.

Here is Apples video of the 1st year of the iPad.


Apple iPad 2 finally


iPad 2


I finally managed to get my hands on an iPad 2, insert excitement here.  I heard that Apple stores received a good size shipment on Monday, in my area, so on Tuesday stood in line.  Actually stood in 2 lines, first one didn’t have the one I wanted, should have skipped that one and gone to the second one at WoodField mall.  I ended up with the 64G one since they were out of the 32G AT&T one, at least I’ll have more space and not worry about watching the amount of data I have on it.  At one time I had my 32G almost full, and that was with watching what I was doing.  Now I just have to not get in the mindset that I have all this extra room and end up filling that up LOL.

I’m not the typical user, so don’t worry if you bought one and start thinking that you should have bought the larger one.  Also, you can always take it back within 2 weeks and get a larger one.  Gotta love the Apple stores.  If you’re wondering what I’m doing that uses up so much space is that I did have a lot of video’s from iTunes U.  So much so that I had to make room on my main machine.  Music was taking up a good chunk as well but I spent a day going through and deleting all the ones I didn’t like anymore or didn’t want and cut the size down to about 40%.

I LOVE it.  The thickness is just about perfect and I really like the smart cover beats the original one hands down.  Photo booth is great to show off the iPad with the 9 live video feeds, 8 of them with effects being applied real-time, and people love seeing themselves with the funny effects applied.  Of course you also have to show off Garageband.  Even if you’re not musically inclined, even in the slightest, it’s worth the $5 to play with it and also to show it off.

Anyway, I’m off to go and enjoy my iPad.

iPad 2 Grrrrr

I’ve been trying now for over a week to obtain the new iPad 2 without success.  I need the AT&T version and it seems to be hard to get even more than the Wi-Fi only version.  I live in Chicagoland and there are many people that wants the iPad.  I was at an Apple store, in the suburbs, at 7Am on Saturday morning and there was already about 60 people in front of me.  Then about 7:30 an employee came out and said they only had 15 units, none of them AT&T.

I read someone’s post that they are upset because the store refused to sell them more iPads and was warned ahead of time that he reached his limit.  He wouldn’t say how many he has bought already but I suspect at least 4.  I’m trying to buy my first one and he’s upset that he can’t buy more when he has several already.  Anyway, it’s people like him and ones that are buying to sell overseas that piss me off making less available for everyone else to buy.  I also wonder how many first time tablet and Apple owners are put off because they are unable to buy one and end up getting some other product.

I was enthusiastic about the iPad 2, now after several failed attempts to obtain one I’m a little frustrated and disappointed.  This is not a good sign and wonder how many others feel that way.  I probably would still be enthusiastic about if I didn’t already own an original iPad.  I didn’t order mine online because my Birthday was a few days after the launch date and it wouldn’t arrive until after that.  So I thought I could get inline on Friday to get one and have it in time.  My mistake.  Trips and calls to all other stores that was selling them were sold out, and still continues to this day.  Best Buy changed their auto attendant message to say they are sold out, mostly because they have taken so many orders that they can’t even fill those.

I’m usually fairly patient but when it comes to this, I have a weakness for it and makes it frustrating.  If you don’t have the fever, then you don’t understand.

iPad 2 March 11, 2011

iPad 2 will be available on March 11, 2011 starting at 5 pm. If you missed the announcement event from Apple or would just like to watch it, you can find it here.

For a quick recap. It is 1/3 less thinner, lighter, faster with dual core processor, up to 9x faster graphics, front and rear facing cameras, iOS 4.3 and will come in black or white bevel (body still made out of aluminum), allows for smart cover, and it still has 10 hour battery life! Both WiFi only or 3G + WiFi on both AT&T and Verizon networks and kept the same pricing starting at $499. It will have FaceTime and Photo Booth. You will be able to buy Garageband and iMovie for a low price, I can’t wait to try both of those and I know the kids are going to love playing with Photo Booth.

Smart cover is pretty cool. Where to start. It’s a screen cover that snaps into place and aligns itself. It will help clean the screen and it will roll up into a stand for typing or prop it up for watching a movie. Oh, and one more thing. The cover wake up or put the iPad to sleep. I’m wondering how many people are going to test this to see if it works like they do to see if the refrigerator light goes out when you close the door. Smart covers will not work with the iPad 1 as the 2 has magnets built-in. You can find the information here. See the iPad Smart Cover in action.

My take on this, go get one! If you been holding out, now is the time. If you have one already, couldn’t you use a second one? You’ll have to decide that one, I think it’s worth it, you can always sell your first one. If you’re sitting on the fence about getting one, just go get one. Read reviews and opinions all you want it’s not really going to help. Why? Because you need to experience it. I could talk till I’m blue in the face and you’ll hardly hear me. Spend a day with it and you’ll see. Touching makes it so much more personal and the iPad itself is more personal than a laptop. I use the laptop about 80% less now that I have an iPad. Want to look something up, the instant on and the quickness makes it a joy to use. Like I said you need to go use one for a little while, sometimes it doesn’t even take that long.

A little guide to help you pick out which one to get. Black or white that’s all you. There are 2 hardest decisions and that is storage size and to 3G or not to 3G. Storage size. This will mainly be how much stuff you have and want to keep on the iPad. Mainly it will be how much music and pictures you have and maybe movies. Apps will take up a 1 or 2 Gig, in general. So add up the size of music and video’s you have that you will want to put on it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you can probably get away with 16G version. If you feel that it might not be enough then spend $100 more and get the 32G. 64G is more for users with a lot of stuff and want it all on the iPad. Don’t forget there is always cloud storage like MobileMe, Dropbox and your machines at home. If possible, I would buy one from an Apple store, put everything you want on there and see how much space is left. If it’s not enough then take it back (within a week or 2) and get the next size or 2 up. Since you’re getting the next model up Apple will not charge you a restock fee. Side note. If you believe your going to shoot a lot of HD video with it or editing, remember that when picking storage size. Storage size cannot be upgraded, what you get is what you have.

3G. Advantages: GPS and access to the internet everywhere (you can get a signal). Disadvantages: Extra $130 and that’s about it. On AT&T it’s a month by month basis if you want to use it or not, you can stop and start it (monthly) all you want so there doesn’t have to be a monthly charge. If you have the AT&T unlimited from iPad 1 you can transfer it to iPad 2 from what I’ve heard but you might want to double check to make sure. You need to look at your life style and how you think you will use it. I’ll give you a few examples to help you out. If you are mostly either at home or work and do the driving you probably don’t need it. If you travel a lot or take the public transportation you probably will want it. You can use a MiFi instead but it’s not going to last as long as the iPad. If your usually at a spot with wi-fi access or hot spot. I have it and it’s mostly off but there are a couple of times it comes in handy. Like I said AT&T it’s monthly and you can start and stop it anytime so that part is a no brainer. As for Verizon I don’t know as the first one used MiFi. As for choosing AT&T or Verizon? AT&T 3G is usually faster than Verizon and you’re not worry about drop calls, so it’s your choice on that. You’ll have to do a little research about Verizon’s pricing and if it’s going to be Monthly.

Maybe your trying to decide about iPad or one of the other tablets. Easy, iPad. 7” is to small, you might as well go with the 10”, besides you have your phone with you. Xoom is too costly and no WiFi only and having a Motorola Android phone has made me lose respect for them. Android itself is a problem, it’s more like beta software and hardly any software has been written to take advantage of tablets. You might say but Android has mostly free software. You get what you pay for and if you didn’t pay for the product YOU and your data are the product. From what I’ve seen apps for iOS is more polished than Android ones. Any updates for Android has to come from the manufacturer and it’s a if and when and how much will it cost type of deal. When Apple comes out with an update it’s available to everyone right then and there and no extra charge. I’m not sure on the battery life of the others but 10 hours on the iPad is GREAT. WebOS isn’t even here yet, RIM is still vaporware and MS is fall of 2012. As of late I’m not liking Googles practices and they are collecting way too much data on people. The sole existence for Android is to collect your data.

Even though I have iPad one I will be getting an iPad 2, they have made enough changes to justifying me to get the new one.

Music on Apple iOS

Originally posted on 12-8-2010

iPhones and iPads are getting used to create music.  This is just a small sample of what you can find on YouTube.  Doesn’t it just make you want to download an app and play music 🙂  I really need to learn to play an instrument.  Take a look at what some other people can do.

This band had their instruments stolen, so they used their iPhones on the subway.

A group doing a Taylor Swift song.

Applegirl doing Lady Gaga song.  She does some explaining so give it a minute.

Lang Lang do flight of the bumble bee and having fun.

Using the iPad, iPad band.

How about using your iPad, or 2, to DJ with.

Update 3-5-2011
Garageband is coming out for iPad 2 and you should see what you can do with it 🙂

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