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Is Google Becoming Evil

Originally posted on 1-15-2011

I keep going around in circles with YouTube login.  If I want to subscribe and I go login I’m greeted with the linking YouTube to GMail account and I can’t subscribe unless I do this.  They claim it is for better security and reduces the chance of account theft, BULLSHIT!  This is so wrong.  So are they saying that YouTube isn’t very secure, I doubt that.  So with this hackers have 2 places to try to hack into your account and since they are linked if they get into your YouTube they now can get into your Gmail and visa versa, how is that better security.  It’s as smart as using the same username and password on every site, dumb dumb dumb!  It says that you will no longer be able to log into YouTube without a Google Account, yet when you go to create an account in YouTube it doesn’t look like your creating a Google account and doesn’t even mention it.

So what’s really going on here.  Google is wanting to log/track/watch everything you do, in other words learn, as much about you as possible.  This linking is to make sure your this same person in gmail.  Now they not only know who your contacts are and what type of emails you get they also know what you watch, who you subscribe to and who subscribes to you.

Chrome browser for example, when it came out a couple of years ago they bypassed Windows install so it didn’t require administrator rights.  And in their legalese it said that anything that you viewed they had rights to.  So if you viewed a confidential company document they had the rights to it.

Remember that a company, specially one publicly held, is not going to pour millions of dollars for something unless they can make money off it.  Back to Google.  They drove around taking pictures of everything and collecting any Wi-Fi data around them and collecting the specific wireless router id and tying that to a location.  They have their search engine and ties it to a particular user.  There is analytics that you use on your website.  They came out with Web browser.  Android operating system for mobile phones and soon tablets.  Email and now voice and voicemail and soon TV.

Do you not see what they are doing?  They are collecting tons of data on and about you!  They know what you search for and where you searched from, how long your on websites and what pages.  They know who your friends are and their phone numbers, email and physical address.  Phone calls to whom, when, and how long and any voicemails.  They know where you’re at and where you’ve been and how long you been there.  They know what you buy and what you watch on YouTube and what soon what you watch on TV.  Google is going to be everywhere collecting all the data they can on you and that’s their goal.

At this point I’m not going to say they are evil but they are gaining tremendous power and information and it could be easy for them to abuse it or sell it.  They entice you with free stuff and inserting themselves everywhere.  They can watch you easier than the government and they don’t need a court order.  Remember nothing is free if it costs someone to create and maintain it and services.

I might have went over the top a little but I’m trying to show you what’s possibly ahead.  Some of this stuff isn’t happening or linked yet but it’s only a matter of time.  I can see it now….Google car, Google phone, Google ma bell, Google computer, Google refrigerator.

Here is something funny from theOnion.  Google ads spoken into your ear on your Google phone while you’re having a conversation.

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