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New Droid Problem

Originally posted on 1-30-2011

My Droid thinks I’m on a phone call yet doesn’t display any call info.  I wasn’t on a phone call.  I ended a phone call 30 minutes before and when I put it down the call was ended and at the home screen.  I picked it up and unlocked it and ended up with this.  Did it use up my minutes?  The status bar doesn’t show that I am but considering the phone thinks I’m in a phone call to blank I can’t trust the status bar displaying correct information.

The main function of a phone is for making phone calls, this phone falls short.  Many times I haven’t been able to answer a call because I couldn’t unlock the screen to answer it, other times I couldn’t get back into a call because of the screen lock.  I had to pull the battery.

Google and Android are impressing me less and less every time.  Google is playing catchup and not paying attention to the details and making a working phone.  Although that shouldn’t surprise me as it’s been that way since version 1.  People are buying into it.  I guess they just keep pumping out stuff hoping that people will not notice or think maybe the next version will work right.

I feel violated and taken advantage of by both Google and Motorola.  It’s more Motorola’s fault then Google.  How is this phone suppose to last 2 years until you can get the less expensive upgrade?  Motorola doesn’t care they want you to buy their next phone and Google doesn’t care because they don’t make money off Android or the handset just as long as they keep getting data on you.


iPhone coming to Verizon

Originally posted on 1-11-2011

Verizon Wireless announced today that the iPhone 4 is coming to Verizon.  Finally!!!!!  This gave me a big smile today 🙂  Existing Verizon customers can pre-order on Feb. 3rd and new customers on the 10th.  Two things are different from AT&T’s phone, one is the antenna around the outside also moving the mute and volume buttons a little.  The other is that you can’t browse at the same time your on a phone call.  This is because of it being on CDMA instead of GSM for both.  One thing that AT&T doesn’t have is that the Verizon one can act as a MiFi, allowing up to 5 connections.  AT&T’s only allows tethering with one computer at an extra cost.  It hasn’t been said if there is extra cost.

Unlike AT&T, if you’re not grandfathered in, will offer true unlimited data as opposed to capped unlimited, someone should explain to the carriers what unlimited means.  This phone is CDMA only, no LTE and no GSM.

When the Droid came out, 1 year and few months ago, I bought one as my first smart phone and was impressed.  When there was the ad wars between iPhone and Droid I was on the Droid’s side and dismissed the iPhone.  What can I say, I hadn’t used an iPhone.  I still haven’t but I have used the iPad and the iPod touch 4G.  I like the HD 720p video quality of the touch and I want the phones great picture quality.  So, after I’ve spent over a year with the Android OS and the Droid phone and the last 8 months with the iPad and the last 2 months with the iPod touch I can say Apple has it right.  If you haven’t used one, don’t dismiss it out of hand like I did.  Not only does Apple have it right, it does it in style and finesse providing a much better experience.

Have you seen office space and what they did to the fax machine?  Well, that’s what I would like to do to my Motorola Droid phone.  I use to like Motorola phones.  It’s not only Motorola’s fault though, it’s also Google’s Android as well.

Bye 2010 Hello 2011

Originally posted on 12-31-2010

Good bye 2010, hello 2011.  This will be an interesting year for slates (they really shouldn’t have been called tablets, those are the old bulky ones and slate sounds modern too), smart phones and TV appliances.

I can say one thing for sure, I’m glad to be back to Apple and I think I might have went a little overboard …. nah lol.  I love my iPad and my MacBook Air.  So which do I use more?  I would have to say iPad.  Even though the Air is light it’s still more enjoyable using the iPad.

Some of the things we have coming in 2011.  We’ll start off the new year with CES showing us what is coming or might be coming. App store for Mac, iPhone coming to Verizon (about time), iPad 2, iPhone 5 and who knows what else for Apple.

When iPhone comes to Verizon it will be interesting to see how Android phones really do when it’s on the same carrier, other than AT&T.  Both Apple and Verizon needs this.  One of the main reasons Android has been doing so well is it being on many different carriers, this is going to change.  You can see, on my regular blog, what I think of the Droid.

On the slate front.  We will probably have a slew more of Android tables and then there is RIMs playbook.  I think they are finding it is harder than they thought.  There was a report that it only lasted a couple of hours on a charge, then there was a statement that it didn’t have power management yet, even so they are not going to get 3x more even with aggressive power management.  I can see it now, your ready a page and 10 seconds later it goes dim to save power.  Or they will have to turn down the processing speed.  Looks like it will not be out till May and the iPad 2 will already be out.

I would like to be there when Balmer announces their new tablet.  I would yell like last years hp tablet you showed.  Microsoft is way behind and it’s going to be a year or 2 to catch up.  I believe they are even going to start to use ARM processors.

Android shows promise but even Google said it’s not ready for tablets yet, that’s coming.  It’s still not very polished.  I also like it how people keep saying that it’s got a SD card slot to expand memory (which is wrong) / storage space.  That’s not totally true.  You can’t expand the main storage area by adding a card, it treats it like another drive.  When you run out of storage space, your out.  You can move Some programs to card, to free up main storage, but if you remove it then you can’t run it.  You know how much slower SD cards are over SSD, magnitudes.  I also don’t trust SD cards, how many times you had one where it had errors and needed correcting, possibly loosing pictures etc.  I’ve also seen a lot of them stop working.  For me an SD slot would only be good for moving pictures from the camera over.  I think we should start demanding that camera makers start putting in wifi and/or bluetooth and do wireless transferring instead of a card.

Even if you hate Apple you have to thank them for pushing technology forward.  I wonder how long it would have been before we would have seen a slate if it wasn’t for the iPad?  Microsoft has been trying for 10 years.

Go out and enjoy New Years Eve, see you next year 🙂

Motorola Droid, don’t buy it

Originally posted on 12-12-2010

I’ve had this phone for a little over a year.  The phone was great when I first got it, probably because it was the first major Android phone.  Android phones had been out a while and was worse than this one.  I have several problems with this phone, it’s mainly is a design problem of the phone and to some extent the OS.

First, I’ll cover the hardware issues.  The search and back/exit buttons are always getting in the way, you touch them when you don’t want to and gets very annoying.  I’ve also keep hit the volume buttons by accident as well.  The camera takes a long time to come up ready to take a picture and in auto mode the colors are off.  Which brings me to the next part, the processor isn’t fast enough, which makes it slow and at many times unresponsive.

Storage is another problem, there isn’t enough.  I have a 16GB micro SD card that has 14GB free space and yet I keep getting the message “Low Storage Space”.  I’ve moved all the apps, that would allow me, to the card and any time there is an update it gives me that error.  This is also a OS problem besides hardware.

The screen isn’t too bad as long as you use it inside, once your outside in the sunlight you have to cover it and it’s still hard to read.

Now the OS.  As before the storage issue.  It doesn’t see a storage card as an extended part of the main storage which can make it easy to run out of storage area and then your left with trying to manage your programs, files and message to clear up room.  Some of the other phones might give you more main storage area but you still could run out.  This is where I have to give iOS a super big thumbs up.  I don’t have to deal with this.  If you get a 32GB iPhone, iPod or iPad that is how much you get and for the whole system to use. Some will argue that you change it out because it’s not card or put in a bigger card.  It doesn’t make a difference on Android because it’s not going to increase the main storage area either.  On the droid, I have to take the battery out in order to get to it and when you pull it out any apps that you moved to the card will not be available when you turn it on without the card or insert a new card not to include if you want to put them on the new card you have to figure out which ones and how to get them on the new card.

There has been a few times I was doing something, while on the phone, that I had trouble getting back to phone mode to hang up.  In 2.2 there is a setting for allowing the power button to hang up the phone, which work great, no more waking up the phone and unlocking it to hang it up.  Well, the other day, while I was on hold, I wanted to see how long I was on hold but the screen went to sleep, so I pressed the power button and it hung up the call.  If I didn’t have the slide out keyboard I’m not sure how I would have woke up the phone to unlock it while on hold (at the other end).  Why would you lock a phone when your on a phone call, sure turn the backlight off but not lock the phone.  Seems like phone functions are secondary.

I would not recommend this phone to anybody.  Other question to ask is Motorola going to keep doing updates for this phone.  Took them a while to get the last update out and they have come out with several Android phones.  You can’t even get a new one from Verizon anymore, only refurbished and the phone is only a year old (not sure how long they have done this).  If you want an Android phone check out the others.  I can’t even point you in the right direction, too many manufacturers and models out.  Choose carefully because you will be using it for 2 years unless you want to pay a lot more before then.

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