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Apple put Cherokee Language on iPhone

Originally posted 1-5-2011

Tribal officials, of Cherokee Nation, contacted Apple a little over 3 years ago about getting Cherokee on the iPhone.  It seemed like a long shot because there are thousands of languages world-wide and many of them wanting to get on the iPhone.  Apple surprised the tribe by bringing it out in fall of 2010 (iOS 4.1), they are pretty excited.

Kids now days what cell phones and if they didn’t have Cherokee they would be using English.  Having Cherokee on the iPhone is a good way to keep the kids using the language and keeping it alive.

In 2001 Tribal officials started a language immersion school in which students would be taught multiple subjects in Cherokee and now has 105 students from kindergarten to 5th grade.  They work on Apple laptops loaded with Cherokee language.  Apple has supported the language since 2003 on Mac computers.

Cherokee is currently the only American Indian language supported.  Another indigenous language supported is Hawaiian.

I have to give Apple a big pat on the back for doing this!!!!!

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