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Apple iPad 2 finally


iPad 2


I finally managed to get my hands on an iPad 2, insert excitement here.  I heard that Apple stores received a good size shipment on Monday, in my area, so on Tuesday stood in line.  Actually stood in 2 lines, first one didn’t have the one I wanted, should have skipped that one and gone to the second one at WoodField mall.  I ended up with the 64G one since they were out of the 32G AT&T one, at least I’ll have more space and not worry about watching the amount of data I have on it.  At one time I had my 32G almost full, and that was with watching what I was doing.  Now I just have to not get in the mindset that I have all this extra room and end up filling that up LOL.

I’m not the typical user, so don’t worry if you bought one and start thinking that you should have bought the larger one.  Also, you can always take it back within 2 weeks and get a larger one.  Gotta love the Apple stores.  If you’re wondering what I’m doing that uses up so much space is that I did have a lot of video’s from iTunes U.  So much so that I had to make room on my main machine.  Music was taking up a good chunk as well but I spent a day going through and deleting all the ones I didn’t like anymore or didn’t want and cut the size down to about 40%.

I LOVE it.  The thickness is just about perfect and I really like the smart cover beats the original one hands down.  Photo booth is great to show off the iPad with the 9 live video feeds, 8 of them with effects being applied real-time, and people love seeing themselves with the funny effects applied.  Of course you also have to show off Garageband.  Even if you’re not musically inclined, even in the slightest, it’s worth the $5 to play with it and also to show it off.

Anyway, I’m off to go and enjoy my iPad.


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