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Should you get an iPad

Originally posted on 12-19-2010

Whole heartily, YES.  I’m not your average computer user, I’m a geek and a power user, so I fall into the small percentage of the user population and I’m also an early adopter because I love technology.  That being said, after I purchased the iPad in April, when it came out, I found myself using my laptop about 90% less.  In the morning I would grab a cup of coffee and my iPad and sit outside reading news, Facebook, tweets and the odd videos or looking up some information on the web.  I have a laptop and I could have done the same thing with it except I would have to keep an eye on the battery levels and the screen gets very hard to read in bright sunlight and just lugging it around is a hassle.  If you want to show someone something on the web or an app there is no better way you just hand them the iPad.

There is something satisfying about interacting with objects on the screen through touching and if you’re like me, I dislike j-sticks and touch pads on laptops too slow or too much movement.  With touch you don’t need a scroll bar just put your finger on the page and move it up and down and if you want to move faster just flick.  If you’re the type of person that is easily distracted or sidetracked, apps are great because they help you focus more.  You will see reports/blogs about you can do everything on the web that you can do with an app.  Not true at all and they don’t really get it.  Try working on that Google document when you don’t have internet access or it’s down.  As for iPad not having flash, I don’t miss it one bit specially the annoying flash ads.  Right now, HTML 5 has great adoption rate.  Since the iPad is such a success it will only increase.

Who is it not for.  I would say that if your going to create things like movies (although there is iMovie for iPhone), websites, heavy image editing, computer programming and you don’t have a computer then I would skip getting one and get a laptop/desktop first.  If you have a computer already or don’t plan to do the aforementioned things then iPad is the way to go.

iPad is one of those things you don’t think you need until you use it for a while.  It’s more personal than a laptop is.  You can just grab it and plop down in comfortable chair and enjoy your time with it; with about 10 hours of available usage, you don’t have to worry about plugging it in.  If you have kids, they have great apps for teaching them and even 2 year olds get the hang of it in no time.  On the other hand, it means less time for you to use it….maybe buy a another one 😉


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