It should just work!

Originally posted on 12-8-2010

Shooting video on the iPhone or iPod touch 4G.  It has 720p video capturing ability.  I’ve been surprised on the video quality and clarity even.  I’ve taken a few short videos and plan to do a movie trailer at some point.  I just need to learn not to shake the camera so much so it doesn’t end up looking like Blair Witch lol.

Here are some more YouTube videos that use iPhone to record video.  I’ll start off with one that also has the iPad in it.

Solace video


Here’s a good one called “Apple of my eye” with behind the scenes.  All editing was done on the iPhone as well.  This one went viral.


Garosougil by Wonsuk Chin & Yang (behind the scenes during credits)


Music video shot and edited on a iPhone


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